Here are some common Twitter Terms that you might find helpful.

+ Avatar:
The personal image uploaded to your Twitter profile.
+ Bio:
A short personal description used to define who you are on Twitter
+ Tweet:
A message posted via Twitter containing 140 characters or fewer.
+ ReTweet or RT:
Reposting something that has already been posted on the Twitter stream. RT usually precedes the original poster to give credit.
+ Direct Message / DM:
Most recently called simply a "message," these Tweets are private between only the sender and recipient. So one has to follow you in order to DM them. DMs don't appear in the public twitter stream but go directly to the receiver's inbox.
+ FF:
#FF stands for "Follow Friday." Twitter users often suggest who others should follow on Fridays by tweeting with the hashtag #FF.
+ JFB:
#JFB stands for "Janji Follow Back"
+ MJB:
#MJB = Mau Join Bareng.
+ Hashtag / #:
The # symbol is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Was created organically by Twitter users
+ Trending Topic / TT / Trends:
A subject algorithmically determined to be one of the most popular on Twitter at the moment.
+ Favorite:
To favorite a Tweet means to mark it as one of your favorites by clicking the yellow star next to the message.
+ Follow:
To follow someone on Twitter means to subscribe to their Tweets or updates on the site
+ Unfollow:
To cease following another Twitter user. Their Tweets no longer show up in your home timeline
General Packet Radio Service is a packet-switching technology that enables data transfers through cellular networks. It is used for mobile internet, MMS and other data communications. In theory the speed limit of GPRS is 115 kbps, but in most networks it is around 35 kbps. Informally, GPRS is also called 2.5G.
+ WIB:
Western Indonesian Time (Indonesian: Waktu Indonesia Barat/WIB) (UTC+07:00). Western Indonesian Time (WIT) was known as Jakarta Standard Time.